Purchaser agrees to raise this kitten/cat indoors only. Purchaser agrees to vaccinate kitten/cat when boosters are due for the life of the kitten/cat and should the kitten/cat require veterinary treatment, kitten/cat will be taken to a veterinarian immediately.
Purchaser reserves the right to have the kitten/cat examined by his/her own veterinarian within 42hours of the date of sale to verify the kitten/cat’s health. Seller will not be held responsible for any veterinarian bills once the kitten/cat leaves with the purchaser.

Kittens/cats must be spayed/neutered by 7 months of age unless sold to purchaser with breeding rights. Due to undercover buyers we reserve the right to withhold the hard copy of the registration for our kittens that are sold as pets. With your proof of spay or neuter you will be given the registration or a copy.

All kitten/cat sales are final and deposits are non refundable. If a kitten/cat is found by a veterinarian to have any hereditary condition which is fatal, purchaser will notify the seller within 42hours of sale and may return the kitten/cat accompanied by a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian or in
the case of death, with an autopsy report from a licensed veterinarian. The seller guarantees to replace the kitten with a kitten/cat of equal value and quality as soon as available with shipping at buyer's expense. There will be no cash

Seller is not responsible for veterinary costs incurred after kitten/cat leaves WONDERPET WORLD shop.

Kitten/cat is free from internal and external parasites when kitten/cat leaves the premises. However, WONDERPET WORLD shop will not be held responsible for fleas if your kitten is being shipped. Your kitten/cat may be in close quarters with other
animals during a flight and it is possible for the kitten/cat to pick up a few fleas.

This would be a rare occurrence, but it is possible.
This guarantee does not include minor nuisances such as fungus or Upper Respiratory Infections common in cats. These are easily treated.  A minor Upper Respiratory Infection or fungus can occur as a result of the stress of being relocated into a new home, and we cannot guarantee that this will not happen.  However, to the best of our knowledge, none of these are present at the time of shipping/delivery.  In addition, all kittens being shipped/delivered are vet checked by a licensed veterinarian, and will receive a veterinary certificate of health before being shipped/delivered, stating that they are in good health at the time of shipping/delivery.

WONDERPET WORLD shop reserves the right to have any cat/kitten legally removed from any home that has been proven to be neglectful or inhumanly treating the cat/kitten. This also applies if the cat is bred without having been sold with breeding rights.