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sex: male.
d.o.b: 21 july 2011
age: 2months.

sex: female.
d.o.b: 21 july 2011
age: 2months.



The British Shorthair cat is compact, well balanced and powerful, showing good depth of the body, a full broad chest, short legs, rounded paws, tail thick at the base with a rounded tip. The body should be equally massive across the shoulders and the rump. Legs are short and powerful, reflecting underlying heavy bone structure. Paws round with toes carried close.Males are normally larger than females.

The head is round with a good width between the small ears, round cheeks, firm chin, large round and well opened eyes and a short broad nose. The forehead is gently rounded. A slight indentation, called a nose break, is seen where the forehead meets the nose. This should be neither too deep nor too shallow. The nose itself should be short, broad and straight. In profile, a rounded forehead should lead to a short straight nose with a nose break. The ears should be small and rounded at the tips, set far apart, fitting into (without distorting) the rounded contour of the head. The eyes should be large, round and well-opened. Set wide apart with no tendency to Oriental shape.The head sits on a short powerful neck.

The coat is short and dense. It should be crisp (meaning firm without being coarse).

At this time blue is the perfect colour for the British Shorthair. Other colours, such as caramel, apricot, fawn and cinamon become established in the breed, the potential colour/pattern combinations will be mind-boggling, even more so if new patterns are added, which is likely.

~ 9 OCTOBER 2011~
Sunday, 8pm
This baby BSH was moving out to new house in Shah Alam with the new owner Pn. Liza and family.  Hope to see you again… big thanks ;-)

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